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Oak Ridge Military Academy is a community of multicultural learners, many of whom have travelled across the world to experience an education rooted in structure, self-discipline and safety.  Through the years the international population at ORMA has grown exponentially and now about 30 percent of our student body consists of students who’ve come from other nations.

When considering studying in the U.S., it may seem overwhelming leaving behind family and the culture you’ve always known.  Nevertheless, ORMA’s faculty and staff aim to make it an easy transition by offering ESL instruction at both beginner and advanced levels.  However, it is preferred that international applicants have a reasonable command of the English language before enrolling for the academic year.

How to Apply

In order to be considered for enrollment at Oak Ridge Military Academy, parents and guardians must complete and/or submit the following items:

  • Application for Enrollment (completed by a parent or legal guardian)

  • Valid Passport

  • (Unofficial) Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Up-to-date Academic Records/Transcripts (Click here to have them translated)

  • Two recommendation letters from a non-family member; such as from a school official, principal, guidance counselor or other community member.

  • Financial Certification (proof of sufficient funds – see below for more info)

Application documents can be scanned and emailed to or Alternatively, the forms can be faxed to 336.643.5780 or mailed to Oak Ridge Military Academy’s Admissions Department, 2317 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge, N.C. 27310.

Tuition Fees & Financial Certification

Parent/guardian(s) will need to submit documentation demonstrating their ability to pay for their child’s tuition and living expenses for the duration of their studies at Oak Ridge Military Academy. This documentation should be in the form of a letter of support from the financially responsible party, along with a bank statement showing sufficient funds to pay for the student’s tuition package.

Please be advised that the total amount listed above includes the following expenses:

  • Dining Hall Meals

  • Wellness Center Services

  • Student Supplemental Accident Insurance

  • Full Educational Program

  • Uniforms and Alterations

  • Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

  • Campus Activities

  • Haircuts (Required for Males Only)

Reaching an Admissions Decision

A formal review process by the Admissions Committee will begin after ALL of the required application documents have been received. Review the list of documents at the top of this page to ensure your application is processed accordingly.

Please note that the $4,000.00 international student fee is due upon acceptance to Oak Ridge Military Academy. In addition, please be advised that all international students accepted to ORMA will be required to enroll in an international health insurance program.

Obtaining a Student Visa

Once the child has been accepted to Oak Ridge Military Academy, he/she will be provided with a Certificate of Enrollment (Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-20).

In order to obtain a Student Visa, the I-20 Form and the financial certification must be taken to the American Embassy or the Consulate in the child’s country of origin. Normally, the American Embassy or the Consulate will issue Student Visas for a “duration status,” enabling the child to complete our high school program through graduation.

Once the Student Visa is issued, the child will use their passport and the I-20 form together as entry documents when traveling to and from the United States.  It is the responsibility of the child to maintain safekeeping of these documents after they’ve arrived on campus.

For questions or concern regarding I-20 forms, please contact or


“I'm thankful that ORMA taught me discipline, and also helped me learn English as a second language.”

Walter, alumnus

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