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Are military schools just for kids with discipline problems?

Military schools offer a structured and disciplined environment for young people. Few, if any, military schools accept students with severe discipline problems (especially those discipline problems involving drugs or the law).

Do military schools have a cold and harsh environment?

Military schools are among the safest of all possible educational choices because of the structure and the personal accountability taught in the military school environment. Positive adult interaction tends to be greater than that in other school environments and frequently is greater than that which parents are able to offer at home.

Do military schools condone hazing and physical abuse?

Military schools stress safety and concern for the well-being of each cadet above all other considerations. Military schools must abide by local, state, and federal laws concerning physical treatment of students.

Do military schools train students for the armed forces?

Military schools teach students how to live using the structure of the military system to teach responsibility, leadership, honor, discipline, and pride within an atmosphere that encourages spiritual, mental and physical growth. Military schools are educational institutions that encourage their students to go to college – not the Armed Forces.

Do military schools offer a strong college-prep curriculum?

Military schools are prep schools, preparing young men and women for college and life. Military schools teach very effective study skills in preparation for the college environment. Nationally, military schools boast a high level of college enrollment. For example, 100 percent of Oak Ridge Military Academy’s graduating seniors for more than a decade have been accepted to the college or university of their choice.

Are military schools the answer for students with learning disabilities?

Military schools, with their structured approach to education, do help students with minor learning differences such as ADD and ADHD. However, military schools are not the solution for significant learning disabilities requiring special education techniques

Do military schools only attract rich kids?

Military schools are a low-cost alternative to higher-cost traditional prep schools. Parents frequently find that the investment in education at the high school level opens doors for a young student at the college level that might not have otherwise been open.

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