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Academic Structure

We believe our Cadets seek structure, organization, and discipline in their lives. We encourage our students to expect and accept challenges because challenges inspire growth and progress. Within this structure, however, we teach Cadets to believe in themselves, to respect their individuality, to be independent, to be spontaneous, to be free spirits, to be themselves.

Our structured and challenging academics and extra-curricular programs reward achievement and hard work. We emphasize self-discipline and self-esteem. We teach Cadets to do their best. We believe structure and challenges serve as opportunities to pursue excellence and to achieve success. Our young people are good today; they will be better tomorrow.


I am proud to have graduated from Oak Ridge Military Academy. The faculty, staff, and my classmates taught me so much.

John, parent

Academic Schedule

The academic schedule is made to fit the best interests of each Cadet

of Oak Ridge Military Academy. Cadets attend small classes for the most effective learning environment. A mandatory help class is included Monday through Thursday for students to receive extra help from teachers whose classes they may be struggling in, to review for upcoming tests, or get a head start on class projects.

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