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Employee Testimonials

”I am a retired public school teacher and I’ve been teaching middle school math, Algebra1 and 2 for two years. ORMA is a great place to teach. There is no one looking over your shoulder to make sure that you are following a pacing guide. Teachers are encouraged to be rigorous in instruction, but have the freedom to teach at a pace that best supports student learning. Class sizes are small, my smallest last year was 6 and my largest was 14. This helps make classroom management easy, along with the cadet leadership structure and TAC staff. The beautiful setting and supportive staff help make ORMA a great place to teach.”

-Tim (Spring, 2021)

"As a first year teacher, working at ORMA has been a privilege. I have gotten to come to work every day at a job that I enjoy, and a faculty that I can say are like a family. This job has taught me so many things about myself and about the profession of teaching. Things like classroom management and work load have so much less of a constant weight here because of the way ORMA runs as an institution. I have skills and teaching strategies that I know will further me as an educator that I may not have otherwise obtained thanks to this school. I have had the ability to make bonds with students thanks to the small class sizes and the programs in place to connect students and teachers. ORMA is a hard place for me to leave. Having the help and care of the dean and other faculty and staff really made it feel like home.”

-Marie (Spring, 2021)

Current Job Postings

High School Spanish Teacher - Full Time

Position Summary: Oak Ridge Military Academy (ORMA) is a college preparatory military boarding school for young men and women in grades 7-12. ORMA’s students come from all over the country and world, and the mission of Oak Ridge Military Academy is to provide a diverse educational environment that encourages academic excellence, rewards self-discipline, and develops leadership potential. The structured military environment reinforces the mission and adds a transformative set of skills and values that can be applied throughout life.  

ORMA is seeking an outstanding candidate to teach High School Spanish and English as a Second Language beginning in August 2023. Courses include Spanish I, II, and II, as well as one ESL support course. Candidates should have certification and qualifications to teach High School Spanish and/or associated experience. Subject expertise and flexibility should be accompanied by excellent oral and written communication skills and an educational philosophy and worldview consistent with the mission and goals of ORMA. He or she must demonstrate proficiency with technology and a willingness to integrate technology into the classroom. He or she must be comfortable differentiating instruction based on the needs of students while maintaining rigorous college preparatory standards.   

ORMA employees understand their work requires an attitude of servant leadership and dedication to its students and the Academy in general, and sometimes requires flexible hours or additional duties outside of the normal workday. He or she should have a strong desire to contribute to school life beyond the classroom. Dorm parent/campus living opportunities may be available for interested candidates, although not required for employment. 



  • Bachelor’s degree required 


Experience and Training 

  • Teaching certification in related subject area or grade level desired. 

  • Demonstrated leadership experience as a classroom teacher. 

  • Experience in curriculum development is preferable. 

  • Experience in the use of technology for instruction. 


General Requirements 

  • A criminal history background check, including driver’s record, is required of all employees. Additional checks may occur on a regular basis. 

  • A drug test is required of all employees. Additional tests may be required on a regular basis. 

  • Federal law requires all employers to verify the identity and employment eligibility of all persons hired to work in the United States. 

  • References are required; transcripts may be required. 

Additional Preference: Additional preference may be shown toward an individual willing and capable of adding value to the Oak Ridge community through participating in non-academic aspects of Oak Ridge Military Academy’s mission including, but not limited to, ORMA’s military and sports programs. 

To apply, please contact Caroline McKaughan at


You can look back at your students over the years and know you made a difference in their lives and it really mattered.

Former ORMA Employee

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