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Employee Testimonials

”I am a retired public school teacher and I’ve been teaching middle school math, Algebra1 and 2 for two years. ORMA is a great place to teach. There is no one looking over your shoulder to make sure that you are following a pacing guide. Teachers are encouraged to be rigorous in instruction, but have the freedom to teach at a pace that best supports student learning. Class sizes are small, my smallest last year was 6 and my largest was 14. This helps make classroom management easy, along with the cadet leadership structure and TAC staff. The beautiful setting and supportive staff help make ORMA a great place to teach.”

-Tim (Spring, 2021)

"As a first year teacher, working at ORMA has been a privilege. I have gotten to come to work every day at a job that I enjoy, and a faculty that I can say are like a family. This job has taught me so many things about myself and about the profession of teaching. Things like classroom management and work load have so much less of a constant weight here because of the way ORMA runs as an institution. I have skills and teaching strategies that I know will further me as an educator that I may not have otherwise obtained thanks to this school. I have had the ability to make bonds with students thanks to the small class sizes and the programs in place to connect students and teachers. ORMA is a hard place for me to leave. Having the help and care of the dean and other faculty and staff really made it feel like home.”

-Marie (Spring, 2021)

Current Job Postings

There are currently no open positions at Oak Ridge.

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You can look back at your students over the years and know you made a difference in their lives and it really mattered.

Former ORMA Employee

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