Main Contact Information

Main Telephone Number Street Address Mailing Address
(336) 643-4131 Oak Ridge Military Academy Oak Ridge Military Academy
2317 Oak Ridge Road PO Box 498
Oak Ridge, NC 27310 Oak Ridge, NC 27310

 Fax Numbers

Department Name Fax Number
Business & Finance Sarah Harbuck 336-644-0299
Infirmary Scott Senor 336-298-7940
Admissions & Academics Bob Lipke, Eileen O’Reilly 336-643-5780


Office of the President

Name Extension Email Address
President John Haynes EXT 144
Assistant to the President Carmen Freeman EXT 144

 Business Office

For questions regarding tuition payments/payment plans, please contact:

Name Extension Email Address
Business Officer
Sarah Harbuck EXT 238

 Office of Advancement

For questions regarding enrollment and campus tours, please contact:

Name Extension Email Address
Admissions Tralisha Johnson-Clay EXT 150
Admissions Bob Lipke EXT 196
Marketing Frank Kelly EXT 197
Communications Laura Pullins EXT 122

 Academic Office

Name Extension Email Address
Academic Dean Eileen O’Reilly EXT 119
Assistant Dean/Registrar Caroline Rudd McKaughan EXT 213
Testing Supervisor Merrie Ann Boltin EXT 206


Name Extension Email Address
Athletic Director Danny McNeill EXT 208

 Commandant’s Office

Name Extension Email Address
Commandant CSM Terrence Lewis EXT 114

TAC Office

Name Extension Number Email Address
TAC Duty Phone After Hours TAC Officers EXT 113 336-706-6995


Name Extension Email Address
Medic Scott Senor EXT 105

 JROTC Department

Name Extension Email Address
Senior Army Instructor LTC David Reardon EXT 124
Army Instructor 1SG Sallie McCullough EXT 220

 Alumni Relations

Name Extension Email Address
Alumni Outreach Carmen Freeman EXT 144

 Support Operations

Name Extension Email Address
Support Operations Officer
Brian Shreve EXT 131
Dining Hall Pike Kelley EXT 143



History/Foreign Language

Robert Barbera Room 318 X214
Sue Chen Library X110
Karen Collins Room 317 X212
George Liebmann Room 302 X215
Caroline Rudd McKaughan Room 301 X213



Kara Dahlheimer Room 303 X201
Catherine Holder (Harrison) Room 315 X203
Jeff Mendenhall Room 316 X211
Amy Hughes Band Room  N/A



Merrie Ann Boltin Room 115 X206
Derek Hagen Room 112 X209
Sandy Rittenhouse Room 117 X217
David Wilson Room 304 X202
Carolyn Wray Room 215 X216


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