Main Contact Information

Main Telephone Number Street Address Mailing Address
(336) 643-4131 Oak Ridge Military Academy Oak Ridge Military Academy
2317 Oak Ridge Road PO Box 498
Oak Ridge, NC 27310 Oak Ridge, NC 27310

Fax Numbers

Department Name Fax Number
Finance Officer Sonja Archuleta 336-644-0299
Wellness Center Kelli Scanlon 336-298-7940
Admissions Bob Lipke 336-643-1797

For Skype calls, please contact our Admissions Office by dialing OakRidgeMilitary skype-395

Office of the President

Name Extension Email Address
President Dr. Dan Nobles EXT 144
Exec. Assistant to the President Carmen Freeman EXT 144

Business Office

Name Extension Email Address
Chief Financial Officer
Tim Doyle EXT 238
Business Officer
Sonja Archuleta EXT 126

Office of Advancement

Questions regarding the school new enrollment, returning enrollment, open houses, scheduling on campus appointments, enrollment contact:

Name Extension Email Address
Admissions Bob Lipke EXT 196
College Counseling Frank Kelly EXT 197
Marketing Laura Pullins EXT 122

Academic Office

Name Extension Email Address
Academic Dean Eileen O’Reilly EXT 119
Assistant Dean Caroline Rudd EXT 110
Testing Supervisor Merrie Ann Boltin EXT 206


Name Extension Email Address
Athletic Director Danny McNeill EXT 230

Commandant’s Office

Name Extension Email Address
Commandant CSM Terrence Lewis EXT 114

TAC Office

Name Extension Number Email Address
TAC Duty Phone After Hours TAC Officers EXT 113 336-706-6995

Cadet Wellness Center

Name Extension Email Address
Medic Scott Senor EXT 105
Counselor Kelli Scanlon EXT 152

JROTC Department

Name Extension Email Address
Senior Army Instructor LTC Glen Kerley EXT 124
Army Instructor 1SG Sallie McCullough EXT 220

Alumni Relations

Name Extension Email Address
Alumni Outreach Carmen Freeman EXT 144

Support Operations

Name Extension Email Address
Support Operations Officer
Brian Shreve EXT 131
Dining Hall Jeremy Howell EXT 143


IT Department

Name Extension Email Address
Network Administrator David Younger EXT 151