Main Contact Information

Main Telephone Number Mailing Address
(336) 643-4131 Oak Ridge Military Academy
2317 Oak Ridge Road
Oak Ridge, NC 27310


Fax Numbers

Department Name Fax Number
Finance Shannon Bowles 336-644-0299
Infirmary Frances Chelf 336-298-7940
Academics Caroline McKaughan 336-643-5780



Title Name Extension Email Address
Headmaster Dr. Thomas S. Wilson EXT 401

Business Office

For questions regarding tuition payments/payment plans, please contact:

Title Name Extension Email Address
Finance Officer Shannon Bowles EXT 414
Development & Alumni Relations Angie Williams EXT 400
Marketing Gary Holbrook EXT 404

Office of Admissions

For questions regarding enrollment and campus tours, please contact:

Title Name Extension Cell Email Address
Admissions Director Major Robert Forde EXT 402 (336) 706-7057
Admissions Officer Nathan Freeman EXT 403

Academic Office

Title Name Extension Email Address
Academic Dean Caroline McKaughan EXT 314
College Counselor Jeff Mendenhall EXT 316 


Title Name Extension Email Address
Athletic Director Bobby Allison EXT 410

Commandant’s Office

Title Name Extension Email Address
Commandant CSM Terrence Lewis EXT 201

TAC Office

Title Name Number Email Address
TAC Duty Phone *Various 336-706-6995



Title Name Extension Email Address
Nurse Frances Chelf, LPN EXT 406

JROTC Department

Title Name Extension Email Address
Senior Army Instructor 1SG Sallie McCullough EXT 217
Army Instructor 1SG Lonnie Corley EXT 218

Support Operations

Title Name Extension Email Address
Director of Operations
Brian Shreve EXT 407
Dining Facilities Manager OMeqka Martin-Myers EXT 408


Name Subject Room Extension E-Mail
Bobby Allison Physical Education Gym EXT 410
Robert Barbera Gov’t, Supreme Court Room 318 EXT 318
Michelle Blackburn Registrar   EXT 416
Rex Blackburn Yearbook, Personal Finance Room 302 EXT 302
  Chemistry, Algebra I/II Room 115 EXT 115  
Evan Jaynes History Room 301 EXT 301
Gary Holbrook Digital Media Room 216 EXT 404
Caroline McKaughan World History, AP Gov’t/Politics Room 301 EXT 301
Jeff Mendenhall Senior English Room 316 EXT 316
Olalekan Oyekunle Biology, Anatomy, Physics Room 112 EXT 112
Douglas Russ Spanish Room 317 EXT 317
Carolyn Wray Calculus, Advanced Functions/Modeling Room 215 EXT 215
Tamara Lever Middle School English Room 303 EXT 303
Tim Wallace High School English Room 315 EXT 315


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