• Character
  • Knowledge
  • Influence



BUILDING CHARACTER – Leadership begins with a foundation of strong personal values. Virtues like loyalty to a cause larger than self, commitment to duty, respect for self and others, integrity and courage are lived out every day at Oak Ridge Military Academy.

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GROWING KNOWLEDGE – As a college preparatory school, knowledge is a primary focus of our mission. Knowledge is the engine that drives positive leadership.

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POSITIVE INFLUENCE – “The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” John Maxwell.

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“Going to Oak Ridge was the best thing my parents have ever allowed me to do. I owe my professional success to all of the TACs, teachers, and administrators from my time at ORMA, a place that will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Phil (alumnus), November 2019

“Oak Ridge Military Academy made me into the strong person I am. They taught me the importance of conviction and honor.”

Leanna (alumnus), November 2019

“We’ve seen a tremendous difference in our son at home. ORMA has made a huge difference in his life! He has a renewed purpose, and it’s wonderful to see him excited about school again. He’s certainly come a long way from a year ago and we couldn’t be more proud. His Grandmother mentioned recently that the twinkle in his eyes is back. Thank you to the ORMA staff for making such a difference in our son’s life, we can’t thank you enough!”

Kristy (parent), October 2019

“One of the best gifts Steve and I gave our daughter was sending her to Oak Ridge. She experienced life in a way most people will never experience it and she is so much stronger for that. She learned about respecting authority, respecting others, and more importantly respecting herself.”

Sarah (parent), August 2019

“I was fortunate to attend ORMA. It was a remarkable academic and military experience that strongly helped shape my life, career, and major leadership roles since my graduation…Not a day goes by that I don’t have a thought about ORMA and the life-long values of duty, honor, commitment, knowledge, and leadership that are the foundations of the Academy. Oak Ridge is a very special place.”

William (alumnus), August 2019

“Sending our son to Oak Ridge Military Academy has been the best decision we could have made for his future and our family. When he returned home for the summer after his first year, we were so excited to witness the positive changes. He is polite, respects authority, joins in on family fun, and speaks about his desire to attend college. It has been worth every penny we have spent and continue to spend to have our son back on track.”

Cindy (parent), July 2019

“The teachers at Oak Ridge are fabulous, and they have truly made a huge difference in my son’s Freshman year.  Until then, he had not been challenged from an academic standpoint, and I will admit that we were worried about him keeping up with the curriculum when he started.  He is now looking forward to the challenge of Sophomore year, and we owe all of that to his teachers and their patience.  Thank you so much for everything!”

Susan (parent), July 2019

“ORMA has changed my son’s life and trajectory beyond measure…. What I have witnessed in just one year has far exceeded my hopes. The staff at ORMA are an extended family who deeply care about the cadets. Now a JROTC officer, a strong student, and confident leader among peers, it blows my mind that my son can’t wait to get back to school in August. The changes in him brought about by ORMA bring tears of pride, joy, and gratitude to my eyes quite often. I literally thank God for ORMA. This school is priceless and a great asset to the community.”

Sandra (parent), June 2019

“Coming to ORMA has helped me become more confident, strong, and proud. It has truly changed my life. Supportive teachers, military instructors, and coaches have all helped me realize my capabilities and achieve things I never imagined I could do.”

Corey (student), June 2019

When Payden came to ORMA, she not only succeeded, she thrived and grew into her confident self again. I appreciate the patience you have shown when I felt so far away from her and needed your help. You have done a great job in every aspect of her life and now next year her brother will join the ORMA family. Being a single mom, I need the leadership and discipline your school offers. I trust you with the jewels of my heart. We never know what God has waiting for us, but I consider this one of my biggest blessings. You gave our family something you can never imagine. We are whole again.


The school is doing a great job, and I want to voice my appreciation especially to you for having an open door policy and hearing my concerns. You’ve not only heard my concerns, you’ve addressed them and made changes accordingly. This is why my son attends ORMA and will do so until graduation. Keep up the good work and again, thank you.