BUILDING CHARACTER – Leadership begins with a foundation of strong personal values. Virtues like loyalty to a cause larger than self, commitment to duty, respect for self and others, integrity and courage are lived out every day at Oak Ridge Military Academy.

Values shape character. In many corners of modern society, values are lost or ignored. However, at Oak Ridge Military Academy, we challenge Cadets to discover their individual values and live up to the things that build strong character as effective leaders. We examine role models such as Medal of Honor recipients. We have infused our curriculum with the life lessons of these heroes. We build on whole Cadet Fitness that includes body, mind, and spirit. We not only hold Cadets to the standards of the Code of Conduct, we provide a foundation of moral values that answers the why questions that lay behind the rules.

GROWING KNOWLEDGE – As a college preparatory school, knowledge is a primary focus of our mission. Knowledge is the engine that drives positive leadership.

Strong academics are insured by the high quality of our faculty. Our curriculum is carefully tailored to challenge and prepare Cadets for the future. We offer advance placement courses in History, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus, as well as more than 20 Honors courses. Learning extends beyond the classroom. The nature of Cadet Life at Oak Ridge Military Academy teaches relational and emotional knowledge as well.

POSITIVE INFLUENCE“The true measure of leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” John Maxwell.

The ability to influence others is the essence of leadership. Positive leaders motivate others to excel far beyond what they thought possible. Positive and effective leadership is the common denominator seen in those who graduate from Oak Ridge Military Academy. If you dream of your child becoming a responsible, effective, positive leader with strong character, growing in knowledge, and positively influencing others then they need to be at Oak Ridge Military Academy “where character is discovered!”

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