Character, Knowledge, Influence – these are the bedrocks of leadership. For more than 160 years, Oak Ridge Military Academy has produced leaders. Every community, every culture, every society looks to its leaders who inspire and propel us to achieve heights far greater than we thought possible. Understanding the importance of leadership and intentionally developing today’s youth to confidently take hold of the reins of tomorrow’s leadership roles is the timeless mission of Oak Ridge Military Academy.

We begin the journey of leadership with a focus on strong character. Character is developed through the military structure of formations that foster team work and mutual accountability, working together for something bigger than we are as individuals – values of self-responsibility and respect, of service to others and integrity. Values shape character. In many corners of modern society, values are lost or ignored. However, at Oak Ridge Military Academy, we challenge Cadets to discover their individual values and live up to the things that build strong character as effective leaders. We examine role models such as Medal of Honor recipients. We have infused our curriculum with the life lessons of these heroes. We build on whole Cadet Fitness that includes body, mind, and spirit. We not only hold Cadets to the standards of the Code of Conduct, we provide a foundation of moral values that answers the why questions that lay behind the rules.

We build on the foundation of Strong Character and grow sound knowledge; both mental and relational knowledge. Our academic curriculum is carefully tailored to challenge and prepare Cadets for the future. As a college preparatory school, our mission is to provide an educational environment which stimulates curiosity, fosters scholarly competence, encourages academic excellence, rewards self-discipline, and develops the leadership potential of every Cadet.

Our small classroom size (about 8 Cadets for each teacher), innovative and energetic faculty, and academic freedom to teach in ways that reach every student are advantages that we enjoy here at Oak Ridge Military Academy. We offer advance placement courses in History, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus. Cadets who successfully complete the associated AP examination earn both high school and college credit. We also offer honors courses in more than 20 other subject areas.  Your Cadet will enjoy exciting electives in Zoology and Robotics, as well as languages that take him out of the classroom and into the field. Our Zoology students experience nature by going behind the scenes with the animal caretakers at the North Carolina Zoo and Aquarium. North Carolina’s Raptor Center brings owls, falcons, and eagles to the campus for all Cadets to see the wonders of these great birds.

While we value a rich and challenging academic curriculum, knowledge extends far beyond the classroom. Leaders require new ways of being smart through relational intelligence; knowing how to thrive in our relationships with one another. When we as leaders value honest relationships as a way of life, it has a ripple effect on how it affects others.

Character can be described as the foundation of leadership and knowledge as its engine (the driving force), but the essence (the fingerprints if you will) of leadership is influence – how the leader affects others. At Oak Ridge Military Academy, Cadets are afforded opportunities to practice positive influence every day.

This is the environment that shapes youth, molding them into leaders. Positive and effective leadership is the common denominator seen in those who graduate from Oak Ridge Military Academy. If you dream of your child becoming a responsible, effective, positive leader with strong character, growing in knowledge, and positively influencing others then they need to be at Oak Ridge Military Academy “where character is discovered!”

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