Cadts 2The Drill Team at ORMA is known as the Honor Guard. The cadets who make up this team spend countless hours of their time perfecting the craft of regulation and precision drill. Competing in numerous competitions during the academic year the Honor Guard maintains a standard of championship excellence.

The Honor Guard’s beginnings can be traced back to their predecessors the Gold Star Platoon.  During the seventies and eighties the Gold Star Platoon travelled all over North Carolina winning countless competitions. During the early nineties membership on the team declined and it became a unit that mostly performed at academy functions.   In 1992 the team was reorganized and changed its name to the Honor Guard. This team like the Gold Star Platoon would go onto win countless competitions. These meets were on the local, State, regional and national level. The Honor Guard has competed in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Its most notable awards include three JROTC V Brigade championships, JROTC Eastern Region Runner Up and a National High School Drill Team Championship.

Matt Waters 067The Oak Ridge Military Academy Honor Guard serves a dual function in the Corps of Cadets. Not only are they a competitive team they are the official ceremonial unit of the academy. This duty makes them the good will ambassadors for ORMA.  They perform countless times during the school year for visitors to campus, elementary schools, nursing homes, and other community functions. The Honor Guard has participated in the NC Governors Inaugural parade since 2009. It is the only drill Team in the state of North Carolina to participant in this prestigious event.

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