Cadet Life

Oak Ridge Military Academy strives to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all Cadets. After the school day has ended, the Cadets will meet for the formation and then fall out to their sporting events or club activities.  During this time, Cadets may also attend study hall or return to their dorms for leisure.  Each dormitory is supervised by an adult or “dorm parent” who has their own room and is available to the Cadets, no matter what time of night. Dorm parents not only monitor Cadet activity but their overall development.


Cadet Profiles

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Weekend Activities

During “Closed Weekends,” Cadets will participate in mandatory service learning projects, parades, and other organized events. It is through these experiences and many more, in which the Cadets are able to develop their leadership skills and character traits. Off- campus activities are also scheduled to encourage Corps development. Previous trips have included going to the local malls, theaters, amusement parks, etc.

Every Cadet’s experience at Oak Ridge Military Academy will provide him or her with a sense of character and knowledge to influence the world around them. We want to instill a since of pride in one’s own accomplishments while forging a sense of camaraderie that will last a lifetime.



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