Scholarship Information: 

To apply for tuition assistance, parents and Cadets will need to submit the following completed documentation:

Once all of the application materials have been received and reviewed, an award decision will be made and communicated to you.

Note: The average award is 10 – 15% of the annual tuition rate.

Loan Options: 

Prior to applying for a tuition loan, an Admissions Application should first be submitted to the Oak Ridge Military Academy Admissions department. Acceptance to school is a prerequisite for most loan applications. 

If a payment plan with longer terms and lower monthly payment is desired, Oak Ridge Military Academy cooperates with the following 3rd party lending institutions from which you may seek a tuition loan:

Once your child has been accepted to Oak Ridge Military Academy, an Admissions Counselor can help you through this process.  There are many nuances to applying for a tuition loan, and our Admissions Counselors are happy to provide help every step of the way. 

Note: The resources listed above are not part of ORMA and are not directly affiliated with Oak Ridge Military Academy.

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