The topic of tuition is often the elephant in the room. Parents are eager to ask about our academics. They want to learn more about our equestrian, sports, and Arts of Valor programs. They want to see our classrooms and campus facilities. But the question of tuition is often asked with a hint of hesitation. At the end of the day, you have to choose a school that you can afford, and no one wants to hear that a school they love is out of their family’s price range. At Oak Ridge Military Academy, we understand that tuition can be a fearful figure for some families. However, we have a unique perspective that can make a college-prep education more accessible than you might think.

Affordability vs. Accessibility

“I have to add that much to our current budget?” At first glance, the cost of a private school education can send some parents into a panic, wondering where the funds will come from. We often hear, “Our children already take up a large portion of our budget, and a private school will only add to that amount.” However, at Oak Ridge Military Academy, this is not necessarily the case.

Consider the common living expenses that could be invested into your child’s education. For example, Cadets clothes, shoes, and meals are covered by the tuition and fees. Your spending on things such as clothes, shoes, and food can drop dramatically, as these items are included in our tuition. To truly judge the financial impact of a private education, it’s necessary to look at the cost from a perspective of accessibility rather than affordability. Affordability simply takes into account the raw cost. You take your budget, take the price of tuition, and add the two together. This equation often produces an unwelcome result. However, looking at things from the standpoint of accessibility can help the tuition costs to work with your budget, not simply in addition to it. When parents learn more about our built-in costs, the tuition factor often turns from a roadblock to a realistic opportunity.

Built-in Costs

At Oak Ridge Military Academy, we believe that you should get the most out of your tuition, just as we strive to help students get the most out of their education. By breaking down the benefits included in our tuition, families are able to understand how a college-prep education can go from affordable to accessible.

All tuition packages at Oak Ridge Military Academy include:

  • Full Education Program
  • Uniforms and Alterations
  • Student Supplemental Accident Insurance
  • Campus Activities
  • Wellness Center Services
  • Dining Hall Access
  • Haircuts (Required for Males Only)

Financial Aid

Even after considering tuition from the perspective of accessibility, the cost may still be a barrier for some families. Pursuing our mission at Oak Ridge Military Academy, we work to make our college-prep, military education available to as many students as possible. By partnering with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), we take into account a family’s unique financial circumstances to determine what tuition assistance is available for each student. To begin the financial aid process and learn what you qualify for, visit here.

Learn More About the Value of an ORMA Education

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