day of the deadSkulls on Day of the DeadOn November 1st and 2nd, many Hispanic countries celebrate “El Día de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). This is a day where families celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. In Mexico, instead of associating death with sadness, people commemorate the life of their loved ones with food, drinks, desserts, and other items that they enjoyed during their lifetime.

To honor the tradition of the Day of the Dead, ORMA’s Spanish II classes, under the instruction of Mrs. Carmen Salama, made the day come alive for the Corps of Cadets, teachers, and staff. In small groups, the entire school sat in a darkened classroom eating traditional foods and learning about the meaning of the celebration. The classroom was decorated with altars the students built. Around the altars were marigolds, favored foods, masks, sugar skulls, and pictures of famous people that are now deceased, such as Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, and a few others. The Cadets, faculty, and staff enjoyed this brief immersion into Hispanic culture.

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